See below an extract from Apple’s financial results for this quarter:

6.9 million iPhone units were sold in the quarter, more than in all previous quarters combined
– After just 15 months in the mobile phone business, Apple outsold RIM in the September quarter. 6.1 million BlackBerry handsets were sold. Measured by revenue, Apple is now the third largest mobile phone supplier, after Nokia and Samsung
– iPhone 3G is now available in 51 countries, and will be available in 70 countries by the end of the calendar year
– The App Store now features over 5,500 applications offered in 62 countries, and tomorrow customers will download the 200 millionth app. from the App Store — all this in just 102 days since it first opened"

Numbers speak for themselves.

No doubt that the change in business model (allowing operators’ subsidies and non-exclusive agreements) coupled with the internationalization explain those impressive results.

I just want to add a short comment on the App Store. Embracing Apple’s early and innovative success, several players have announced the launch of mobile stores such as Microsoft (Skymarket), Google (Android Market) or RIM. Despite having been availabe for years on numerous Symbian phones, Nokia Donwload! did not manage to achieve comparable success. We know this is all about the user-experience and about the innovative marketing catalyst the iPhone represents for brands, retailers and content publishers.

However, I think many things could be improved. What about the ability to sort apps by prices and other criteria (languages, size, launch date, number of reviews), preview of the apps, obtain more detailed descriptions…

Mobile merchandizing is still in its early days.

Updated: if you are not yet familiar with Google Earth on your iPhone or if names such as Palringo, Fring, LightSaber, Mylighter, Newton’s cradle, Devise or Mylite Flashlight and Colored Strobe do not ring a bell, have a look at this thorough review (in French) of the TOP 50 FREE iPhone Apps according to Mobinaute.
List is available here: