France Telecom just announced its Q3 results. Looking at European mobile data results, it looks like the market is still growing quite significantly:

– 9,9M so-called mobile broadband customers out of an installed base of 24,5M subscribers
– data arpu growing by 18% yoy (vs Q3 2007) to 79 euros on a rolling annual basis. Non-voice represents 21,4% of total revenues. 53 percent of data revenues are now generated by non-SMS revenues. That is a significant metric to bear in mind, even though the majority might be driven by data access revenues and business customers
– 216,000 3G iPhones were sold during the quarter vs 150,000 Edge iPhone in 8 months. Just curious to know the overlap between the two segments.

UK: data ARPU growing by +11% to 82 euros / year / sub with 2,88M so-called mobile broadband subs.

Spain: data ARPU growing only from 38 to 39 euros / sub / year…Non voice representing only 13,1% of total revenues

As stated below, Spain is the main European market impacted by the crisis: “except for Spain and a few emerging markets, as of today no sign of a significant impact of the economic slowdown on other Group activities”.

On a global perspective, Orange counts now 117,000,000 mobile subscribers.