The big news headline French mobile operator launches unlimited DRM-free music offering in partnership with UMG – the only thing is, it’s anything but unlimited. Yes, it is DRM-free, and it is “all you can eat” but the content available is limited to Universal and to just three genres (Rap/R&B, Pop/Rock, Clubbing/Electro) and it’s limited to 60,000 potential customers.

So it is in fact a pretty limited, unlimited service. But cynicism aside, this is another step in the right direction and, as with the Datz offering, should be considered as a “Beta” version to gauge consumer receptivity and usage. It is also launched in the more important context of "Creation and Internet" law debates that have started in the French Senate. France’s government has taken a leading (and sometimes controversial) role in digital copyright public policy and the outcomes of the debates will be worth watching carefully.