Joost has produced a free iPhone app that brings the glory that is Joost — videos of an oily Britney Spears, classic Star Trek reruns, and interviews with barely-clad Victoria’s Secret models — to the iPhone.

I’ve posted about this on my blog, you can read the whole post here. My overall take is that this not really about mobile video. It’s about the future of video product strategy. I wrote:

“Many devices, many services” is the future of video. It requires the use of an open platform and open protocols. Joost, which got its start as a P2P video delivery mechanism, has since opened itself to wider consumption by going straight IP. Once it speaks IP, Joost can easily be ported to any IP device, including the iPhone. Including the T-Mobile G1. And so on. It has been so successful on the iPhone so far that it’s regularly in the top 10 free applications on the iPhone App Store.

I go on to explain what happens next. This kind of open-development platform has to be put on the TV set-top box. This is in stark contrast to what happens now. But in the end, this will change the way devices are made, services are provided, and consumers experience media, all thanks to what is a real revolution in product strategy. Can’t wait.