I love the saying “you get delegated to the people you sound like” – especially when it comes to selling.


At the end of the day, all of the work that goes on to build and support a product comes down to the discrete conversations your sales people have with customers.



This parody video is both incredibly funny (especially if you’ve ever carried a bag before, or work in a company dominated by engineers) and drives home an outstanding point – “you-centric”, jargon filled presentations more or less all sound ike this one.








In case you are wondering, this isn’t real – it was prepared by sales management as an internal tool to help the rest of the company realize what they were being asked to communicate.  If you listen closely, you’ll notice they played buzzword “Mad Libs” with the terminology.



The problem is that the majority of sales conversations that are happening right now are a lot more like this than what you might expect.



Scott Santucci