Christine Overby [Posted by Christine Overby]

2008 was tumultuous year for Interactive Marketing professionals. You had to promote digital efforts internally, make the case for emerging channels, and re-evaluate your plans as the economy soured — all while continuing to deliver exciting interactive campaigns to your customers. You’ve told us that the hurdles will still be there in 2009. At Forrester, we’re committed to helping you address them. Tell us your biggest challenge, and we’ll write research to help you overcome it.

  • Demonstrating ROI
  • Integrating Channels
  • Handling budget scrutiny

Click on the "vote now"button below and see what your peers say is the top hurdle they face, while helping us pick the topic so that we write the research that matters most to you!

Voting is now closed . . . Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. The winning topic by a huge margin is Demonstrating ROI. Look for research on the topic in March!