A couple of months ago my colleague Shar posted about being converted to social media by attending the P&G digital night in the US, aimed at using all types of social media to sell Tide Loads of Hope t-shirts. That event raised around $50k for charity.

Well, I drew the golden ticket in Europe, and am at the European HQ of P&G in Geneva, where 200+ employees, social media experts, and media folk are having a similar night, this time raising money for vaccine for tetanus, to help save the lives of the world's most vulnerable babies;  see www.justgiving.com/pampersfeelnlearn.

And the social media world is responding – in a couple of hours the teams have raised around £2500 already, and there is a lot more outreach going on. This is a great venture, really showing to the teams here the possible value of social media – OK, it's an artifice to highlight some specific tactics – clearly, when you are asking people to reach out to their personal networks, in a real world marketing context you need to think long and hard about the value you are bringing; but as a tool to educate employees and excite them about the possibilities, it's hard to beat.