I’ve been doing a lot of research into
the consumer security market lately, and with it the rise of consumer security freeware (AVG, etc). One of the interesting findings is that those who use security freeware are not primarily motivated by price. In fact, price is less of an influence on their selection than it is for the consumers who use paid security products.

You all wear IT security hats during the
day. But if you’re like me, that hat never gets completely removed when outside
of work either: you protect your computers at home, and you also help protect those
of your family members, your friends, and the occasional neighbor or two. Indeed, when it comes to computer security, you’re
likely a savvy consumer shopper and a strong influencer of other people's purchases. So if you use free
consumer security software, considered using, or used it and switched back to
pay versions, take a look at my new post on the security freeware trend.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.