In a recent study of SAP Implementation providers, Forrester surveyed 154 SAP Implementation client references. The results? Clients were most satisfied with the transparency of cost and pricing models as well as the technical knowledge of providers and least satisfied with the provider’s methodology for measuring business benefits, end user and IT Training, skill transfer capability and change management.

In another recent study including 139 Oracle client references, the satisfaction ratings were strikingly similar. That’s not surprising as companies report that service provider’s continue to grapple with the same age old set of challenges, regardless of the platform being implemented.

What does this mean for companies seeking an implementation service provider? One thing is clear – satisfaction levels are lowest when it comes to the methodology for measuring business value. Logic dictates (and our interviews reinforced) then that during the selection process, closely evaluating the provider’s capabilities in this area is critical. Above and beyond tracking deliverables completed on time or milestones ticked off on a project plan, look for providers that can recommend project success metrics directly tied to actual business benefits. And, an emphasis on this approach will also go a long way in revealing how well the provider really understands the underlying business problems.

With the right performance tracking approach in place, companies can ensure the implementation is living up to its promises and maintain momentum through what can often be lengthy and complicated engagements. For more insights, keep an eye out for our upcoming report on Best Practices For Selecting Your Oracle Implementation Provider.