In recent interviews with client references, clients have told us that must haves in working with implementation services providers are tools or methodologies that lead to cost savings and a faster time to value. This is especially true for something like an SAP implementation, which is often a high profile undertaking that extends over several years and promises significant benefits.

In response, service providers are adopting the latest SAP methodology called Run SAP. Run SAP provides best practices, procedures, content, services, training, and tools for end-to-end solution operations. It focuses on application management, business-process operations, and administration of SAP solutions. It includes uniform tools and methods to reduce complexity, allows for the adjustment of standards to meet a wide range of requirements, and provides guidelines for knowledge transfer to employees tailored to the needs of a particular organization.

Wipro recently announced that they are the first SAP partner to be certified in Run SAP Methodology globally. Other large SPs like EDS and Keane are also certified Run SAP partners, but only in the United States, as well as niche players in local markets like Al Bilad Arabia. It’s safe to say that other large providers will follow Wipro’s lead and seek global certification, but for now, Wipro will certainly use this certification as an effective marketing tool for clients seeking faster value delivery and cost savings — but broader utilization in large SAP deployments and wider spread adoption in the SP community will be key to fostering its success