Megan Burns [Posted by Megan Burns]

Now’s the time when many of my clients start fleshing out plans for 2010 and putting together the business cases to pay for it all. And they’re telling me they need help. This year’s funding process will be tougher than ever thanks to the economy, so it’s important to make your business case not just good, but great. I’ve compiled a list of the research we’ve written over the last 2 years that sums up how to do that:

How To Get Funding For Web Site Improvements

This is our foundational report on what makes a business case great.

Top Decision Criteria for Execs Who Approve Web Customer Experience Budgets

The ROI Of Web Redesigns Made Simple

This report has three pre-built models that you can download and use as-is or combine into a new model that fits the financial dynamic of your site.

How Much Will Your Web Site Metrics Improve?

Ranges of actual improvement achieved by other firms for metrics like conversion rate and average order value. Use to bound your estimates.

Need To Cut Costs? Improve The Web Site Experience

Contains the range of improvement firms have seen for call and email deflection after a redesign,

Fixing Known Usability Problems Pays Off

Examples of the actual lift from fixing common problems found by our Web Site Reviews.

Five Ways To Turn Business Case Presentations From Boring Into “Wow!”

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Asking For Web Customer Experience Funding

If, after reading these reports, you want more hands on experience applying these principles, check out my upcoming workshop:

Win Funding Now For Web Site Improvements

October 6, 2009,New York City

It’s a one day session in which we discuss the best practices in these reports and more.  We talk about how to apply the ideas in a real world setting, and get some hands on experience building ROI models for Web site projects.