[Posted by Neil Strother]
Marketers take note: mobile audiences continue to build. Two major Web destinations offered some new evidence this week:

  • Weather.com attracts 12.5 million monthly unique visitors to its mobile site
  • People.com's site generates 18 million mobile page views a month

Moreover, Weather.com's 'repeat rate' among mobile visitors is nearly 100 percent, says Cameron Clayton, VP of mobile for The Weather Channel Interactive.

Other popular mobile destinations – Yahoo! (34 million monthly uniques) and ESPN (6.7 million), for instance – boast significant audiences as well. Expect these mobile audiences to grow as more people access sites from devices like the iPhone, BlackBerrys, and Android handsets, which deliver a more satisfying mobile Web experience than standard mobile phones. If you're looking to target the growing mobile Web audience, Forrester can help you frame a sensible strategy. See "Best Practices: Mobile Marketing" as a place to start (if you're a Forrester client, it's available in full).

Have you placed ads on mobile Web sites? What was your experience? Post a comment below.