I just completed my teleconference on “The Mounting Tidal Wave Of Business Video Traffic” and during the teleconference we asked attendees to tell us what video solutions they were using.  The poll turned down before everyone could participate fully, so I wanted to open up the question to our blog readers as well.  What video solutions are you using? 

q     Telepresence

q     HD Video Conferencing

q     Desktop Video Conferencing

q     Corporate TV

q     Digital Signage

q     Video Blogging

q     Video Training/Distance learning

q     Telemedicine

q     Video Surveillance

q        Other(s)

For more info about business video you can read my report “The Screening Of Global Business” or contribute to my next report on the size of the “Video Tidal Wave” by letting me know how much video traffic you see on your network – in terms of total bandwidth required, percentage of total traffic, number of congestion issues caused by or impacting video, or any other measure you think is important.  Most importantly let me know how fast your video traffic is growing and how fast you expect it to grow over the next 2-3 years.  I believe that total video traffic will far exceed the current capacities and capabilities of most existing enterprise LAN/WAN infrastructure within 5 years.  What do you think?