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iPhones, DVRs, and navigation guides are thought of as devices for the early adopter. Or at least they used to be. Forrester released the results of its latest annual Consumer Benchmark Data Overview Report, which concludes that the use of digital devices has become a mainstream part of every day life. This finding, which is critical to how companies plan their product and marketing plans for the coming year, holds significant power in terms of where marketers spend their money during the rest of 2009 and into 2010.

In this year’s report, we segmented consumers by lifestage, to help marketers understand the distinct use of digital technologies to reach young singles and couples, young families, older families, and older singles and couples. This lens provides some very interesting consumer insights into how  technology behavior changes when people transition between different stages of their lives. Which devices do they own, and how many of them, what are they buying and not buying, how they are using the Internet and even how they’ve structured their digital home. .

The New York Times has a write-up of the report this morning, click here to read the article.

Read more about this report and its methodology on our Consumer Market Research blog, or if you are a client link directly to the report here. Click here to get access to some additional consumer insights related to this report.

Also, note how Marketers can put this data to use:

To get a deeper understanding of how to use this report to refine your media mix, Forrester's Marketing Leadership analysts will be applying the results of this survey to our Media Allocation Tool. For more insight into this tool, please contact me via email at dcooperstein-at-forrester.com, or @minicooper on Twitter.