Forrester has just released the findings from our 2009 Benchmark Survey. If you didn't know, the survey is the second largest in the country – after the US Census. This data is what we use for many of our most popular and important consumer research. For example, it is the foundation for our new social technographics ladder which you can see here.

So, across the survey, what did we find? Consumers of all ages and family situations continue to incorporate technology more deeply into their daily lives.  Today, technologies like PCs and mobile phones, which were once reserved for the most well-heeled tech freaks, are in three-quarters of US households. Forty-three percent of households now have a high-definition television, and nearly one in four have a DVR. And consumers is every stage of life continue to move an increasing amount of their time and attention away from offline channels. Our analysis of four different life stage groups shows that:

itemYoung singles and couples are the most connected.

itemYoung families are heavy tech users, especially for shared experiences. 

itemOlder families are straddling different worlds. 

itemOlder singles and couples use technology more surgically.

The data includes a lot of detail, most of which can be customized to answer questions specific to different verticals, purchase behavior, life stages and attitudes. If you would like to peruse the data for yourself, check out the report here.

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