Developers can write efficient and elegant code.

  • Architects can choose cost effective and flexible platforms.
  • Quality assurance and testing pros can make sure it works bug free.
  • Business analysts can uncover and document key requirements.
  • Project managers can craft a plan to get the app written on-time.
  • Managers can make sure that it is all done within the budget.
  • CIO’s can find talent and put together teams.

This Prowess Is All For Naught If You Don’t Get The User Experience Right!

But, this technical, process, and management prowess is all for naught if you cannot design a compelling user experience (UX) that is useful, usable, and desirable.


Application Development Pros Are No Less Capable Of Learning UX Design Than Anyone Else.

Unfortunately, many application development professionals are unlearned when it comes to knowing how to design user experiences that makes users say "Wow!". It is not that they don’t want to design great user experiences. They do. It is just that no one ever taught them how.

The Time Is Now To Take The User Experience Bull By The Horns.

User’s increasingly expect and demand an experience that’s valuable, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and emotionally satisfying. To be successful, app dev shops must build apps that win the hearts and minds of their customers.

Benefits Will Accrue To Those Who Do

  • Improved user experiences will boost revenue and loyalty by more than 14% for customer-facing Web sites and improve productivity and employee satisfaction for internal applications.
  • Application development shops increase their value to the business.
  • Application development professionals increase their value to IT organizations.

Application development shops wishing to get started can read: Forrester’s Best Practices In User Experience Design

Questions for you:

  1. Do you agree that app dev shops should be able to design great user experiences or should they leave that to specialists?
  2. How important is user experience design in your organizations?