Laura Ramos [Posted by Laura Ramos]

With economic recovery still distant, business marketers look to 2010
and wonder what’s in store. How do you do more with less resources is a
common question I hear from CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and marketing
directors with whom I speak daily. Modern marketing can not scale effectively without automation.

To help B2B marketers sort out the space, I am soon publishing a report reviewing the B2B lead management automation market. While the report mentions almost 50 different companies, I lined up 18 of the most promising technology providers and
compared capabilities. Included specifically in the report are Aprimo,
Eloqua, eTrigue,, HubSpot, LeadLife Solutions, Leads360,
Loopfuse, Manticore Technology, Market2Lead, MarketBright, Marketo,
Neolane, Pardot,, Silverpop, Sitecore, and Unica.  I
also talk a lot about where the market is going and what holds it back.

During the next few weeks, I will be blogging to share some of the findings and ideas that hit the cutting room floor. And to open a dialog with you, the suppliers,
and anyone else who wants to talk about how to make this technology
work and how to keep the market thriving.  I know as soon as I publish
this post, I know I’ll start to get comments about why this list and
why were others left off. The answer is simple: this is a start.

For the first post in this series, with an overview of my thoughts on the space and what went into this report, please head over to B2B Marketing POSTs