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I just published a doc “Footwear
Manufacturers’ Cross-Channel Experience, 2009
” with the results of
Cross-Channel Reviews of the four leading footwear manufacturers: adidas, New
Balance, Nike, and Puma. We tried to complete standard user goals (looking for
running shoes, buying a pair, and then tracking the order) in several channels
(Web, IVR, phone, and email) and then looked at the experiences across

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Nike was a clear
    In addition to earning the highest overall score among the
    footwear manufacturers, Nike received the only two passing scores, with +10 and
    +12 on the IVR and email portions, respectively.
  • All four
    tripped up on legible text and clear language on the Web.
    also looked at the individual review criteria that caused the biggest problems
    for the footwear manufacturers. All four firms failed our Web site tests for
    providing legible text and for using language that's easy to understand.
  • Each footwear
    manufacturer had problems with its experience…
    Some examples: During
    scenarios in the adidas IVR, the user encountered problems with access to human
    assistance, error handling, and feedback. And on Puma’s site, the user could
    complete the purchase online, but he couldn't sort shoes by color or price, and
    there was no way for him to check the status of his order once he declined to
    register during checkout.
  • …But they all offered
    best practices, too.
    Among the best practices: New Balance recommended types of arch support online, Nike and Puma let
    the user customize shoes on the Web, and the adidas site made it easy to scan

For the full report, see,7211,48228,00.html