6a00d8341c50bf53ef0120a5b04926970b-800wiBy Thomas Mendel 

We’ve decided to publish a mid-year market update for the IT Management Software market. We’ve revised our original 2009 market forecast in light of Forrester’s new demand-side survey results. The report is still a few weeks out, but we felt that we should share the data as early as possible.


TM blog_The 2009 ITMS Market_091023

We’re also working on an updated five-year outlook and forecast, revisiting some of the market categories and segmentations. There will be a few surprises as categories merge and new one appear. Let me give you just one example of a particularly exciting new category, which we tentatively call process and workload automation, some vendors refer to it as intelligent workload management. Forrester believes that this represents a big market opportunity. The technology answers customer needs to manage and optimize IT resources across all physical, virtual and also cloud environments. Stay tuned, more on this shortly.