By Peter O'Neill

Pretty soon now, you will be noticing that I am no longer posting reports or blogs on the Vendor Strategy Professional pages. This does not mean that I have left the stage. It is just that I am assuming a new research focus and targeting my reports at a new role, one serviced within the Technology Product Marketing and Marketing pages. I will be building up research for one of my favorite marketing contributors, the Field Marketing Manager, that true marketing schizophrenic.

They are schizophrenic because the field think they are factory, while the factory thinks they are Sales. Their success depends on being effective at communicating both downstream, converting technology statements to business value propositions; and upstream, giving actionable feedback to product management on an ongoing basis. And by the way, we estimate that 40% of a vendor's marketing budget goes through their hands.

So, watch out for this research and stop by to check me out at the Technology Product Marketing and Marketing pages.

Also, feel free to let your field marketing colleagues know this is coming. All suggestions for research ideas, best practices, benchmarks are welcome. If you would like a copy of my new research agenda, just drop me a line.

 Always keeping you