Welcome back from your long weekend of tryptophan-induced torpor! This Thursday, December 3, we're hosting our second open house for product managers and product marketers at Forrester's office in Foster City, CA. These are monthly informal discussions in which the usually blabby analysts take more of a supporting role, kicking off the discussion and dropping, where appropriate, insights from our research on the topic du jour.

This month, the topic is Agile adoption in the technology industry. Specifically, we're going to discuss the effect that Agile adoption in the development team has on the rest of the company. A few examples of the questions that we often hear include…

  • How will QA need to adopt?
  • Do we need to re-think product launches?
  • What's going to happen to the structure, content, and schedule for requirements?
  • How do Sales, Marketing, Support, and other customer-facing groups stay apprised with the product roadmap?
  • What is the product roadmap, really?
  • Will executive management's role in the development process change?

WHEN: Thursday, December 3, from 4:00 to 5:30.

WHERE: Forrester's office at 950 Tower Parkway, 12th floor, in Foster City, CA.

WHO: You, and anyone else you think might be interested. I'll be leading the discussion this month.


AGENDA: Before and after the official discussion, we'll have some time for informal conversation, getting to know your peers from other companies, etc.

RSVP: Not required, but it's nice to know who's coming. If you have a minute, drop Marsha Versen (mversen@forrester.com) an e-mail to let her know that you're attending.

FUTURE TOPICS: I'll be posting a preliminary schedule in the next few days. We live to serve, so it's important to tell us what you want to discuss. Here's a survey that we're leaving open indefinitely, so that you can indicate the topics that interest you the most.

Look forward to seeing you this Thursday.

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