Less than a year ago we published the Listening Platform Landscape report, laying out the evolution of social media monitoring. That research continues to drive many client inquiries today, but in the months since it published a very unsurprising thing happened: the landscape continued to grow up.

Since the last report published a lot has happened. There are dozens of new players in the space – from simple brand monitoring dashboards to large listening platforms – new startups to technology behemoths. We've seen consolidation, acquisition, and expansion. The vendors we covered a year ago now offer more advanced tools and features and as a result marketers too have evolved, finding new ways to use the social media data these platforms collect. Further, we're watching new tools emerge – collecting and analyzing social data and pushing the boundaries of what we’d call a listening platform.

We're seeing many trends in the space and are now setting out to readdress the landscape of a rapidly emerging space. Aiming to publish in January, 2010, we are kicking off the "Social Intelligence Landscape" a deep look into the tools, technologies, and services that derive actionable Customer Intelligence from social media data.

To start, we thought it best to use our own social technology to further the research. Marketers: what new tools or services do you use to manage the overwhelming volume of social media data? Leave a comment below, email me at zhofer (at) forrester.com, or reach out to me on Twitter. We'd love to hear your side of the story.