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On Wednesday, a few colleagues along with myself sat down for a briefing with ATG around their interactive help services (formally eStara). The primary purpose of the call was to review results from a recent survey ATG (see full survey) had conducted around interactive help. While much of the data I had seen before in previous surveys done by Forrester or other vendors, one piece stood out that I wanted to share.

In speaking with clients that are considering interactive help services, I often get the question "Should I choose chat or click-to-call." My response for the last few years has been that it depends and the answer may be both. ATG presented a data point that shows by different situations what consumers preferences would be for either chat or click-to-call.

ATG Survey Slide 
What is clear from this slide is that the more complex the product, the more involved the situation or the important the need for immediacy determines the better solution. Simple questions like product details or order options are fine for chat, but more complex situations like ordering issues require a phone call or in this case click-to-call. 

Needless to say, this slide highlights the reason why "both" may be the right answer. An important thing to consider as you nail down your Web sales or servicing strategy.

Happy Holidays.