My predictions for how consumers will engage with consumer brands, products and services was just posted last week. See the report link here. A brief history around mobile services and marketing:

2000-2005 – really early piloting; most consumers weren't ready; experiences were disappointing

2005-2006 – some interesting mobile marketing concepts emerged and companies experimented. Typically the dollar amounts were small – tens of thousands

2007-2008 – mobile marketing spend went beyond pilot stage amounts into the six figures, but for most companies "mobile" still wasn't a line item in their budget. Moreover, most corporate efforts could best be described as "scattershot."

2009 – the iPhone had momentum, consumers were buying smartphones, Android began to pick up steam … companies sat up and took notice. They began to say, "we need a comprehensive mobile strategy. There are too many discconnected one-off efforts underway. Our competition is ahead of us. We need a plan and a process to think through our mobile road map."

2010 … being last to market with a mobile offering is no longer the downside of no, limited or poor mobile presence. Real revenue – although small – will be at stake. This report begins to list out some of the big trends I expect to see in 2010.