One of few last places that a Web user can navigate in relative peace free from marketing and advertising is when viewing their financial accounts online. That may just change with a service being offered by Cardlytics.

The service is very simple. Online financial service users will be targeted within their secured online session with targeted merchant offers. These offers will be placed within their transaction history activity and be relevant because they are based on where users typically shop.

On the user end, they can expand and review the offer, then accept the offer if desired. Once they accept the offer, all they have to do is use their debit or credit card at the selected merchant to receive the reward.

Here are the benefits:

To the user: Rewards (i.e. cash, frequent flier miles) at merchants they may already do business with or in categories where they often purchase without the need to print anything out.

To the merchant: Allows laser targeting of promotions in a location that is accessed on a daily basis by some of the best customers available.

To the bank or card provider: A rewards program with very little investment required on their end.

I really like this idea. I have always been a big believer that financial service companies have just scratched the surface on selling products and services in the secured session. I really like the relevancy and placement of the offers. On the other hand, financial service providers should expect much more payback from this service than it appears they are being given. Access to online financial service customers within the secured site should not be taken lightly or given up cheaply.