Finally, Apple’s latest game-changing, must-have device is ripe – the iPad. The iPad is not a new idea. Tablet PCs were introduced years ago but failed to take off. More recently, the Amazon Kindle proved that a simpler form of the tablet has legs. But what Apple does brilliantly is that they do it better. They make gorgeous devices that are supremely useful, usable, and desirable at an emotional level to millions of people around the world.  IPad

Form, function and user experience notwithstanding, the availability of apps and content are what will make the iPad another Apple success. And, no one has been more successful in helping individuals and firms monetize apps and content than Apple’s iTunes. If you missed the iPhone app bandwagon, don’t fret. You can jump on the iPad bandwagon now.

Don’t Be A Johnny-Come-Lately

Enterprise IT is slow to develop applications for new technology – choosing a wait-and-see attitude instead. The result: Johnny-come-lately. The Apple iPad is your chance to be a resounding first-mover and beat your competitors to the punch. The benefits:

  • Mojo by association. Be one of the first firms to develop an iPad application to help users shop for insurance, trade stocks, play colorforms with your fall fashion line, track calories or whatever application is relevant to your customers. The result: You’ll get a tremendous amount of free publicity because your firm will ride on the coattails of Apple’s iPad publicity.
  • Create a culture of innovation/action. Innovation = ideas + action. Your colleagues have ideas, but may be hamstrung by overbearing decision-making processes. Your action to assign a team to develop an application for the iPad will be proof that your organization can move quickly when opportunities emerge from new technology.
  • Attain and retain customers. The iPhone has zillions of applications, but how many are really used? You can’t build a trivial, irrelevant application. You have to develop an application that is relevant to your customers, has a compelling user experience, protects your brand, and achieves your business goals. Test your application with real users before making it widely available.

To create the application you’ll need a relevant business idea, the ability to design a relevant user experience, the technical skills to program the iPad SDK, and, potentially, integration to other applications. Why not download the iPad SDK and to develop a game-changing application right now? Is there any reason not to?

Mike Gualtieri