This week the Superbowl earned with 106.5 million viewers the Number One spot of the most watched program ever in the US, which proofs that online video hasn't killed the TV star yet. (Side note: did you know that until now the 1983 M*A*S*H final held this position?).

But online video watching definitely has become part of online consumers' daily Internet routine: just under 70% of online US adults have watched some type of video online in the past month. Forrester's Technographics research shows that videos posted by other users on sites like YouTube and Facebook are the most popular type of online video.


Many consumers are regularly watching TV and using their PC at the same time. The majority of these multi-taskers indicate that when they browse the Internet while watching TV it's for topics not related to what they are watching on TV. About one in five says they do like to look up information online related to what they're watching.