Gary Hamel states in his famous book "The Future of Management" that management  has become a maturing technology that has evolved rapidly in the first half of the 20th century and now reached a local peak. I found this intriguing and since I started my research into the consulting services market it has been the maxim of my work.

My journey began in 2008 with doing extensive research on the evolution of management over the past 100 years. We identified the key management paradigms and models and defined what a paradigm and model in management basically is. This analysis led to the first report "Innovating Strategic Management Paradigms And Models To Thrive Amid Global Change". At this time however, we focused primarily on industry and academia-driven paradigms and models.

Then I met a partner from a large consulting company. He said that he hasn't seen anything for years now that had a comparable impact on their clients and hence their services than value-based management in the 90s. Back in the hotel I was wondering about this statement, but also reflected on what Hamel was saying. Shouldn't a top notch consulting firm innovate and shape the agendas of their executive clients, rather than merely following the stream of trends? This motivated me to analyze the paradigms and models that consulting firms have innovated. We are all well aware of the prominent portfolio planning model by BCG for example. So my second report "Innovating Corporate Strategy Services" talks precisely about how consulting firms innovate services and what the different levels of differentiation are in this context.

Since publication I've been having discussions with consulting leaders from all types of companies around the globe. In summary: Management consulting has also reached a local peak.

Therefore, I am launching a new series of showcase reports to close the gap on research about consultancy innovations along the elements of paradigms and models, services, business models, and engagement models. The final objective is to make service provider strategists aware of next practices and identify the components of the next-generation consulting firm.

I just published the first report of the "Management Consulting Innovation Showcase" series which outlines how PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Germany institutionalized its service innovation process.

Would love to get your feedback on this series and please point me to any examples you are aware of that also reflect these ideas.