I hadn't realised it was so long since I posted. Let's chalk it up to May Madness, which has more to do with trains and planes than basketball. 

Some of you may know from previous posts that I have been writing about the innovation of marketing. My new research, including a framework for creating a marketing innovation roadmap, should be live very soon. 

Being on my marketing innovation kick, one of the questions I most ask marketers these days is what factors will lead them to innovate their marketing. Below you'll see the top 10 of what our recent panel survey of B2C Marketing Leaders said. The first on this list is near and dear to my heart: Loyal customers. 

B2C Marketers pick their innovation drivers

How will increasing customer loyalty impact your business? How will you use it for good? 

I'm hoping we'll invest less upfront in media and invest more in services to build custom further — you know, something like automatic replenishment while reusing containers. Or perhaps pluck up the courage to try interesting pricing models linked to longevity. Or manage access based on behavior: "Sorry, those detergents are reserved for our best customers." Or engage in real learning relationships that mean the loyal customer will always get the product and service he or she is after. 

What drivers are top three in your list? And what are you doing about it?   

Oh, one thing to know, B2B marketers set different priorties for their drivers. More on them next week.