In my job prior to Forrester, my responsibilities included a fair amount of analyst relations, and I had pretty solid relationships with analysts at different firms. As such, I felt I had a pretty good handle on what the analyst job entails. But, as in every job, there's no compensating for "doing" to fully understand the breadth and depth of the role.

Now that I'm on this side of the table, I'm often asked what an "average" day in the life of an analyst looks like. It's no easier to describe today than it was when I was on the other side of the table. So I was thrilled when Forrester's Talent Acquisition team asked me to take part in an initiative they are calling FORRsquare. The goal for the Talent Acquisition team is to help potential analyst candidates get a little better understanding of the day in the life of an analyst.
To this end, different analysts will spend a week "checking in" about their work-related activity throughout the day. So expect to see me tweeting using the #FORRsquare hashtag and speaking about research, inquiries, briefings, client meetings, and travel — all with a high degree of sensitivity to client confidentiality — during the week of August 16, and follow #FORRsquare on twitter to see perspectives from other analysts too. And, better still, if you like what you read and think you'd be a fit for an analyst role, consider applying for one of the two analyst positions on the Customer Intelligence team, focused on marketing measurement and marketing technology, respectively.