As you probably know by now, I really enjoy engaging with all of you through social media like this blog or via Twitter. Of course, I like doing research and writing reports, but that's very much an academic exercise. The blog and Twitter are about direct communication and instant feedback (and, in a way, instant gratification). However, these are still all virtual contacts. So, I thought I would share with you where you can find me, and my team, in the next couple of months so that you can meet us in person.

I will be speaking at Forrester’s upcoming Consumer Forum in Chicago, October 28-29, and our Marketing & Strategy Forum EMEA in London, November 18-19. The theme of Forrester’s Consumer Forum 2010 is “Unleash Your Organization To Serve Empowered Customers.” Lots of the content will be related to the new book Empowered, by Forrester analysts Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler.

The market research track will show why the ability to understand customers’ needs and wants from several data sources is the key to supporting the organization with actionable insights. It will include the following presentations:

  • “If The Company Only Knew What The Company Knows: How The Introduction Of A Knowledge Center Can Empower Market Research Professionals,” Reineke Reitsma.
  • “Trends And Best Practices In Social Market Research,” Tamara Barber.
  • “Understand Influential Young Online Consumers: A Global Perspective,” Jacqueline Anderson.
  • “Maximize The Value Of Forecast Data,” Ed Kahn.

I will also present to our FLB market research council in Chicago on October 27; I’ll be talking about how research can guide the product development process with insightful data. I will blog about this topic soon; I’d love to hear your thoughts on my thinking.

At our London event in November, I’ll host a presentation around the opportunities and challenges of mobile research. I’ve been blogging about this topic regularly, and you know by now that I’m a firm believer in mobile research. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bed of roses — there are some serious challenges to overcome.

My team members will also be out and about. Jackie Anderson, for example, will visit the AMA 2010 Marketing Research Conference in Atlanta next week, and she’ll present at the Market Research Event on November 8, on keeping segmentation alive using new research methodologies. Feel free to reach out to her directly.

I would love to see you at one of these events, so please feel free to reach out if you are attending and would like to meet in person for a cup of coffee.