An awful lot has happened since our last major review of how Australian consumers use social media and how marketers should respond. For example, we are seeing continued growth in the use of social networks worldwide, while the growth in some other social activities — such as writing blog posts — has stalled or even slightly declined. My report will explore how Australian consumers use social media, how this has changed in recent years, and the implications for marketing.

As part of our research for this report, we would like to ask a number of questions of the marketing leaders responsible for Australia's most significant brands:
  • How has your use of social media marketing changed in recent years?
  • How have your customers changed how they interact with you via social media in recent years?
  • What success stories and warnings would you offer based on your experience?
  • What is the cost of these programs in terms of people, time, and media costs?
If you are a marketing leader (not agency), you manage a high-profile consumer brand or brands in Australia, and you are able to discuss your customers and your marketing in this way, please let me know. I'm hoping to schedule all briefings by the end of this week and to conduct all of these 30-minute briefings next week.
The purpose of these briefings is to gather information for possible publication in our research. However, at any time in the briefing, you may call out particular facts that are confidential.
And of course, everyone who helps us with a briefing gets a free personal-use copy of the resulting publication as our way of thanking you.