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Forrester Decisions Service For Security And Risk Leaders Now Available In Asia Pacific

Dane Anderson April 25, 2022
Our highly anticipated Forrester Decisions service for Security & Risk is now available in Asia Pacific.

Join Us At CX APAC 2022 To Understand How To Design For Emotion

Zhi Ying Barry April 11, 2022
Emotion is key to delivering differentiated customer experiences that drive brand loyalty. Join us next month at CX APAC to learn more.

The ROI Of Sustainability

Sustainability initiatives are no longer just a ‘nice to have’. Learn how to build a use case for sustainability in APAC.


Japanese Firms Are Losing Their Appetite For Digital Transformation

Achim Granzen April 5, 2022
A lack of necessary skills and available budget are among the obstacles. Meanwhile, firms are emphasizing business growth and product improvements.

Ready To Drive Deep Transformational Change? Learn How At CX APAC 2022

Riccardo Pasto April 5, 2022
Join us at CX APAC where you will walk away with insights to create strong relationships with your customers to proactively build engagement, loyalty and trust to stay ahead in this fast-changing world.

Indonesian Firms Expanded Their Digital Transformation Efforts In 2021 But Fell Short Of Their Objectives

Achim Granzen March 27, 2022
Indonesian firms expanded their digital transformation efforts in 2021 but fell short of realizing the goals they set out in 2020. Our latest survey in the country also shows that enterprises will put a much bigger emphasis on aligning transformation efforts with business goals and metrics in 2022. Respondents also identified technology strategy as a […]

Malaysian Firms’ Digital Transformation Momentum Is Stalling

Achim Granzen March 22, 2022
Malaysian firms’ digital transformation efforts stagnated in 2021, and services decision-makers at these firms are even more cautious with their 2022 plans. Key transformation challenges include technical topics like data and security as well as technology strategy. Malaysian firms also need help reinventing their tech strategies to remain relevant and future fit in a fast-changing […]

The State Of Marketing Talent In Asia Pacific In 2022: Call For Survey Participation

Xiaofeng Wang March 21, 2022
According to Forrester’s Marketing Survey 2022, talent will be among Asia Pacific (APAC) marketing decision-makers’ top challenges over the next 12 months:  26% considered limited marketing headcount as a top challenge. 22% considered difficulty in recruiting marketing talent as a top challenge. 17% considered employees not having the right skills as a top challenge. To […]

Use Innovation To Reshape The B2B Payment Experience In APAC

Meng Liu March 10, 2022
Learn about the three forces driving better payment experiences in the Asia Pacific region.

Explore The CDP Vendor Landscape In Asia Pacific

Xiaofeng Wang January 10, 2022
Customer data platforms (CDPs) are among marketers’ top marketing technology (martech) priorities in Asia Pacific (APAC). According to data from Forrester’s 2021 Global Marketing Survey, 23% of B2C marketing decision-makers in APAC already use CDPs, and 26% plan to do so in the next 12 months — the most cited of the 20 martech options […]

The Unstoppable Rise Of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Sam Higgins December 23, 2021
With the broader rollout of the e-yuan next month, government-backed digital currency will enter a new era. What will it hold for banks, non-financial services firms, and society at large?

Predictions 2022: APAC Accelerates Into Its Digital Future

What It Means December 16, 2021
In the coming year, the Asia Pacific region will take decisive steps toward becoming a digital society. What does that entail, and what else is in store for businesses and consumers? VP and Research Director Michael Barnes discusses Forrester’s APAC predictions on this week’s What It Means.

Lemonade’s Acquisition Of Metromile: Start Your Engines! The Race For Digital Insurance Supremacy Just Took A New Turn

Jeffery Williams November 10, 2021
Talk about timing. Last week, Lemonade revealed Lemonade Car, its entry into auto insurance. This week, it announced the acquisition of Metromile, one of the largest usage-based auto insurers in the world. Insurance technology (insurtech) M&A has been strong, but admittedly, I didn’t expect to see a transaction like this so soon. But I suppose […]

Predictions 2022: (APAC) Banking On The Old And Doubling Down On The New

Zhi Ying Barry November 9, 2021
The Asia Pacific banking sector has largely weathered the pandemic crisis. But with revenues being squeezed by low interest rates and sluggish loan growth, APAC banks will make big bets and increase their spending on technology, talent, and fintech to drive growth. Tapping into the opportunities brought on by the digital momentum gained during the […]

Predictions 2022: Smart Infrastructure Investments Accelerate In APAC

Achim Granzen November 5, 2021
Investments in smart infrastructure will boom in 2022. Find out why in our 2022 predictions.

Predictions 2022: Trust And Values Take Center Stage In The APAC Region

Michael Barnes October 25, 2021


APAC Marketing Planning For 2022: When “New Normal” Morphs Into “Business As Usual”

Mavis Liew October 18, 2021
Marketing leaders have had an exciting 18 months, if “exciting” is really the accurate word to use. Some would probably argue that “turbulent” is a more accurate description. But as each month rolls into the next, there is no doubt that some semblance of balance and normality is in place today, even if “normal” means […]

APAC Countries Look To Strengthen Sustainable Finance Regulations

Diane Deng October 12, 2021
In APAC, vast political, economic, and social differences among countries pose an impact on sustainable finance regulations. Even for ESG factors that are easiest to measure and compare — carbon emission, for example — there are still no common goals in the region. Only China (pledged to become carbon-neutral in 2060), South Korea (2050), Japan (2050), New Zealand (2050), and Indonesia (2060) have set a net-zero target, leading to different approaches and progress in regulating sustainable finance activities.

APAC Financial Services Webcast Series 2021

Ready to lead a customer-centric transformation in a post-pandemic world? Learn how to fuel success from 27 July – 5 Aug.


Tech & Innovation APAC 2021: Building A Future Fit And Creative Workforce

Frederic Giron September 12, 2021
Over the past decade, firms have poured significant resources into the digitization of their operations and the creation of new digital experience platforms to win, serve, and retain increasingly fickle customers. The result? Digital sameness for the most part. According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) — a study of 100,000 consumers and 300 […]

CX: How Indian Brands Performed In 2021

Amit Bhatia September 2, 2021
Ever watched “50 First Dates“? It’s the one where Adam Sandler woos Drew Barrymore, but there’s a catch: Each date is a “first date” because she can’t remember anything from their previous encounters — all thanks to her short-term memory loss. So, he’s forced to impress her all over again, every single day. A version […]

B2B Summit APAC Preview: Turn Insight Into Opportunity With The B2B Revenue Waterfall

Steve Silver August 22, 2021
Forrester’s new B2B Revenue Waterfall will help you optimize opportunities and provide better alignment between marketing and sales. Learn more at B2B Summit APAC.
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