The two subjects I have on my mind will be a little more accessible: direct-to-consumer sales and the innovation of marketing. They are both included in Forrester's current marketing leader panel survey. If you're a senior marketer, I'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to answer here.

What to expect when you click on that link?

For the direct-to-consumer section: I'm trying to get a read on motivations for selling directly to consumers and the role of marketers in that decision to close the loop. Many brands have recently taken advantage of technology to sell directly to their end consumers; some of you have been selling '"forever" through branded stores. Why? To get higher margins, to closely orchestrate the brand experience, to act as a counterweight to other channels, to learn? You tell me. I look forward to your responses. 

On marketing innovation: This is part of my ongoing research. You could call it an annual checkup on how innovative marketers think their organizations are, or are not. I'll also be asking how you fund marketing innovation and what types of pilots, in particular in the media space, you're testing or most considering. 

We will, of course, give you a report as a thank you, and share the results with those of you who participate. As well, please consider the time spent answering the questions as an opportunity to stay inside, warm, and dry.