Commerce organizations are drowning in content. Their catalogs and sites have grown, the sources of the product content propagated, and site versions divide and multiply across geography, microsites, and brands. Marketing and merchandising content has similarly amplified as this content supports cross-channel, search, email, and social marketing campaigns. Targeting, testing, and personalization all contribute to the explosion of content and content coordination challenges.

Types Of eCommerce Content And Their Purposes Vary Widely

Types Of eCommerce Content And Their Purposes Vary Widely











Organizations across many verticals are seeking solutions to this content explosion, but the landscape of solutions and approaches is confusing at best. With my latest research we explore the challenges of eCommerce content management, the approaches and solutions, and recommendations to navigate and solve for this conundrum across eCommerce platforms, product content management (PCM) tools, Web content management (WCM) tools, and a nascent and emerging category that combines search, analytics, and content tools. In 2011, I will be collaborating with a number of colleagues to define and illuminate this emerging category, helping clients determine if it is the right time to embrace it in their business.

I hope the research report is valuable and am certainly happy to take inquiry from clients who are looking to navigate these critical challenges.

Happy holidays to all, and I look forward to connecting in 2011.

Thanks, Brian