My role at Forrester is to help Customer Intelligence professionals better understand the constantly shifting nature of social media and the ways it informs customer marketing and business strategies. With that in mind, I'm excited to announce that today we're bringing a little more social media to you, with our new Forrester Community For Customer Intelligence Professionals — a place to discuss the business challenges CI professionals face every day.

The Forrester Community For Customer Intelligence Professionals will serve as a resource for connecting with peers and Forrester analysts, sharing stories, asking and answering questions, and discussing the topics most interesting to you. This online community is open to all CI professionals, so feel free to pass the link along to your colleagues. During the past year at Forrester, we've trialed other role communities with great success and look forward to helping The Forrester Community For Customer Intelligence Professionals grow in the coming months.

In The Forrester Community For Customer Intelligence Professionals, you will find:

  • A simple platform on which you can pose your questions and get advice from peers who face the same business challenges.
  • Insight from our analysts, who weigh in frequently on the issues. 
  • Fresh perspectives from peers, who share their real-world success stories and best practices.
  • Content on the latest technologies and trends affecting your business — from Forrester and other thought leaders.

I encourage you to become part of the community to:

  • Ask a question about a complex business problem.
  • Start a discussion on an emerging trend that’s having an impact on your work.
  • Contribute to an existing discussion thread from a community member.
  • Suggest topics for upcoming Forrester research reports.
  • Create a community profile.
  • Share your perspective with others.

So go check out The Forrester Community For Customer Intelligence Professionals, and contribute to the conversation. We look forward to connecting with you and building a bit more social media together.