With all the interest in a reported Zynga IPO, my new report on how interactive marketers can engage social gamers is particularly timely. Social gaming is an area I'll be covering more closely this year, and I thought the best way to start my coverage would be to take a look at the demographics of players and identify the opportunities for interactive marketers. There are more than 250 million monthly active players and many different ways marketers can reach this audience. However, we were surprised to find that 84% of US interactive marketers have no plans to use games in their 2011 marketing strategies.  This creates a sizable untapped opportunity. 

In the report, you will find:

  • Data on social gamers and learn more about who they are.
  • Opportunities for marketers, including branded virtual goods and sponsored rich media.
  • Several examples of marketing tactics.
  • Tips to get started in social games.

If you are a social gaming vendor, I'd like to speak to you! Please tweet me @Shaw_Smith2