Join us again for this week's #IMChat, a weekly tweet jam hosted by the interactive marketing team at Forrester. We know that social media is important to you – during last week’s tweet jam about your digital initiatives, the term came up more than 20 times. So today, our conversation is on social media measurement. We’ll talk about existing challenges and ask how your peers are breaking through them. We even have a social media measurement pioneer, Nichole Kelly from FullFrontalROI, on hand to offer her ideas about how to make social marketing accountable.

To participate, just follow the #IMChat hashtag at 2:00 p.m. If you’d like to learn more about the rules of engagement, visit this community discussion on The Forrester Community For Interactive Marketing Professionals. To read some past archives, visit the documents section of the same community.

Here are some of the questions we'll be discussing during today’s tweet jam:

1.       What are you current challenges with measuring your social media initiatives?

2.       What tools do you use to measure social media today?

3.       What social media metrics resonate with your CMO today?

4.       Are there other marketing metrics that your senior leadership understands and appreciates?

5.       Have you been able to tie the sales value of your social media marketing initiatives?