The cost of login issues can be staggering.

According to research released by Janrain, a vendor providing user management solutions for the social Web, 45% of US adults admit to leaving a website instead of resetting their passwords or answering security questions when they have forgotten their passwords.

Failed logins also can have a huge impact on contact center costs. I’ve spoken with eBusiness executives who have told me that login issues represent as much as 50% of their contact center volume.

I’m working on a project and trying to get some deeper knowledge into the impact customers or clients telephoning due to login difficulties (i.e., lost password, user name, etc.) have on contact center costs.

And I’m hoping you might be able to help me.

I’d be grateful for insight into:

  • The number of telephone calls your call center receives (weekly, monthly, annually, or whatever time frame you break it into).
  • The percentage of contacts to your call center that are due to log-in difficulties.
  • The cost per contact for login difficulties.
  • Alternatively, perhaps you could provide the annual cost — or approximate cost — of assisting clients or customers who are having trouble logging in.

If you don’t have specifics for any of the above, a range or approximation would be enormously helpful.

You can email me directly at

All information will be STRICTLY confidential — compiled in aggregate and never associated with any one company.

If login issues are a concern for you, I hope my recent document will be helpful. It’s called “Mastering Login Issues” and looks at how eBusiness leaders can ensure their websites maximize resolution of lost logins.

Thank you so much.