Joe Stanhope and the Customer Intelligence team are returning to Forrester’s #IMChat Tweet Jam with a session on mobile application measurement – at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, July 12th.  These are weekly discussions held via Twitter on a variety of marketing topics, using the #IMChat hashtag. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Mobile applications impact many roles in organizations, but interactive marketers and Customer Intelligence professionals are tasked with determining the value of these initiatives. During Tuesday’s chat, Joe and his co-host Brian Suthoff from Localytics want to open a dialogue between you and your peers about how to measure the success of new mobile applications. They will ask:

1. What role do mobile applications play in the digital marketing mix; are they enablers of marketing and commerce, or are mobile apps products in and of themselves?

2. How do we judge the success of mobile applications?

3. What challenges do you experience in measuring mobile applications?

4. How should mobile application measurement data integrate with other marketing and enterprise systems?

5. As applications mature, is the “mobile” distinction less important than the concept of an “app”?

So get your thoughts together around measuring mobile applications, share this with other mobile measurement fans you know, and join the #IMChat community on Tuesday, July 12, at 2 p.m. Eastern time at TweetChat or by following the #IMChat hashtag on your Twitter app of choice.

As always, we’ll be joined by Sarah Glass, who runs our tweet jams, and you can read Suresh Susarla’s post on #IMChat best practices for some additional background information.