Over the past few weeks, Paul Hagen, Kerry Bodine, and I have been posting our takes on Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum, 2011. We’ve included video of moments we like from 10 out of the 11 main-stage sessions (sadly, we don’t have video of the Voice Of The Customer Awards, but at least we have a list of the winners!).

To give attendees and others an easy way to find the moments that matter to them, I’ve assembled this guide to our posts about the event. If you find these posts interesting, you can jump into the discussions that started at the forum in our online Forrester Community For Customer Experience Professionals.


“Customer Experience Is Personal”

Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research

Here’s the man-on-the-street video I used in my opening remarks. We took a camera crew to Harvard Square and asked people to describe their best and worst customer experiences. Yikes!

 “What Is the Right Customer Experience Strategy For Your Company?”

Paul Hagen, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

What is a customer experience strategy? What is it good for? How can you recognize a good one? Hear Paul’s answer, which sets the theme for the rest of the event.

“A Relentless Focus On Members”

Wayne Peacock, Executive Vice President, Member Experience, USAA

USAA was the top performer in three different categories of our Customer Experience Index, 2011. Wayne, who serves as the firm’s chief customer officer, tells how the company did it.

“Database Marketing’s Role In Defining Customer Experience”

Nick Primola, Senior Vice President, Director of Direct Marketing at Citizens Financial Group

Here's an interesting perspective on customer experience from a leader at a bank that does a pretty good job of it (I have family members who are customers).

“A Conversation With Chief Customer Officers”

Host: Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research

Panelists, including: James Merlino, M.D., Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic; Jeff Harvey, Senior Vice President, Customer Operations, SAP North America

This is the second time we’ve had a panel of chief customer officers on our main stage. As they spoke, their similarities and differences emerged. It's fascinating group that I feel privileged to know.

“Improving The In-Store Customer Experience: Our Retail Transformation Journey”

Kevin Peters, President, North American Retail Division, Office Depot

Kevin gave one of the best speeches I have ever seen anywhere. Based on audience ratings, our attendees agreed. Enjoy!

“Winners Of Forrester’s Voice Of The Customer Awards, 2011”

Victoria Bough, Vice President, Practice Leader, Customer Experience, Forrester Research

The original post by Forrester analyst Andrew McInnes lists the top 10 finalists, which includes our three overall winners. It provides brief descriptions of why they won.



“The Customer Experience Ecosystem”

Kerry Bodine, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Bid idea! Kerry outlines a new approach to customer experience management that considers the influence of every single employee and external partner on every single customer interaction. Fans of way-cool visual communication can also see an illustration that captures the flow of her speech.

“A Customer-Driven Approach To Service”

James P. Bush, Executive Vice President, World Service, American Express

We are so incredibly impressed with how American Express transformed its call center customer experience as well as the business results it produced. Jim describes how it did it.


Robert J. Deluce, President and Chief Executive Officer, Porter Airlines

I love flying Porter Airlines, which has a meticulously designed customer experience that blows me away. We were lucky enough to get CEO Bob Deluce to talk about it.

“The Marriage Of Web and Customer Relations: A Customer Experience Even A Grandmother Would Love”

David Dentry, General Manager, Customer Relations, Nikon

What do you do if you’re in charge of both call center customer experience and website customer experience? Consult your grandmother!