If you're a marketer looking to tap an audience of 340 million consumers (and growing strong) through social games, you may find the developer and publisher landscape a bit confusing.  Don't worry, I did too.  After my first social gaming report published, Start To Play With Social Gamers, I received a lot of questions from marketers looking to decipher the differences between leading developers and publishers.  After 2 months of in-depth research, I discovered that this provider landscape was quite confusing.  In fact, several leading developers- those with high monthly and daily average users- don't even offer opportunities for brands in-game.  Moreover, some developers throwing their hat in the ring (due to a sky-rocking industry forecast) don't even develop social games.  And there’s more!

In fact, last week an entirely new platform emerged- Google+.   With Zynga and PopCap publishing games on Google+, opportunities for marketers will continue to grow in parallel with the industry's complexity.  In my upcoming report, Interactive Marketers Guide To Social Gaming: Decoding A Complex Landscape Of Developers And Publishers," I’ll guide marketers through these muddled waters.  Stay tuned.