Although data nowadays shows that young consumers in particular are moving away from traditional media in their daily media consumption, our Forrester data also shows that traditional media are still powerful means for advertising/promotion. In Roxana Strohmenger’s recent report, “Young Hispanics Lead In Mobile Activity But Don't Trust Mobile Ads Very Much,” she discovers that the two top channels are TV and magazines; American youth trust them twice as much as other online or mobile channels, and ads on mobile phone are being trusted the least. No wonder TV spending continues to top other forms of media in America and continues to grow, according to Nielsen; even search engine giant Google is getting into the TV advertising business by offering unique targeting and measurement capabilities.

And the industry acknowledges that the combination of traditional advertising and digital advertising together are more than the sum of both. Forrester’s recent report, “The Fall 2011 TV Advertising Upfronts Preview The Convergence Of TV And Digital,” shows that demand for TV advertising is robust, with signs that TV ad sellers are embracing, rather than eschewing, digital as part of their offer. For example, Fox advertisers can run ads anywhere a Fox TV show airs, from original air date to online replays on Hulu.