A lot of time and money goes into strategy. Most strategists at tech firms I work with do a great job talking about creating business solutions and forming strategic relationships. The truth? They are still selling speeds and feeds and are not considered strategic by their buyers.

There is a lot to lose if you don't engage on solutions to real business problems. Buyers are changing. Digital natives are entering into leadership positions and new as-a-service approaches make applications and technology accessible that previously were just the purview of IT.

Buyers of technology today tell us that only 13% of salespeople can demonstrate passable understanding of their business issues.

Enter the new discipline of Sale Enablement. It’s an emerging discipline that is taking hold, where people with a variety of backgrounds and functions — from marketing to sales operations to front line teams to solution groups — are being tapped to “fix the broken things.” These emerging leaders are approaching the problem with a new vision — moving from random acts to purpose-built plans. Shifting the focus from products and services to customer problems. Not just saying “customer-focus” but living it.

Come check out Forrester’s Technology Sales Enablement Forum 2012. Hear leaders in Sales Enablement like Kenneth R. Powell, VP Worldwide Sales Enablement at ADP, Daniel West, VP Education and Enablement at Informatica, and Carol Sustala, Sr. Director of Global Sales Enablement at Symantec.

Hope to see you there.