Online video content in actionWhen I picked online video content marketing for my inaugral Forrester research report I knew it was a hot topic and an area of growing interest for interactive marketers. But even I was surprised when our data identified that for consumers branded online video content is as engaging as display advertising (read the report for more on this data).

I can guarantee that if I got a group of interactive marketers together in a room and asked for a show of hands comparing how many have a display strategy vs. how many have an online video content strategy, the display hands would vastly out number the video content hands. Seeing the levels of consumer engagement for video outlined in our research (and these days it's all about engagement right?) will hopefully make many brands start to sit up and take the medium seriously.

But how to use online video content?

When you talk to marketers who use video online it can feel a little more art than science. People enthuse that video "can work better than text" but struggle to validate or quantify how that can be. And most successful viral marketers seem to rely on gut instinct to create the next social video hit. No wonder the majority of marketers stay in the pay-to-display area of online video, never exploring content itself.

What this report does is put the data, or the science bit, behind the online video opportunity, hopefully convincing even the most hardened C-Level executive of the commercial benefits to brands using online video content. (HINT: It's not just about getting YouTube views).

We then outline how to use that video content across your entire brand ecosystem.

Please enjoy reading Boost Your Content Ecosystem With Video available to download now.

And case studies of brands doing great things with online video are always of interest, so I would love to see people highlighting their work in this area in the comments below.

[Image credit: New Digitas Online Video Research]