As customer behavior continues to evolve, and digital channels become ever more important to businesses, eBusiness budgets have been steadily rising since 2008. In 2010, the average company invested $34.4 million on their customer-facing online presence, and the average mobile and social spending both passed the $2 million per year mark. There has also strong growth is spending in eCommerce technology, with nearly two-thirds of eBusiness professionals citing an increase in eCommerce technology investment in 2011.

So where do firms stand today? Help us find out by taking our latest eBusiness & Channel Strategy Panel Survey on eBusiness budgets and commerce technology investment. It will take only about 10-15 minutes to complete. We invite Forrester clients and non-clients alike to participate in the survey. For non-clients, as a thank you for completing the survey you will be given a choice of one of three complimentary Forrester reports.

I really appreciate your help in understanding the state of eBusiness budgets and spending and we look forward to putting that research together for you. 

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