I’ve been on the CMO and marketing leadership team for almost two years, working behind the scenes with David Cooperstein, Luca Paderni, and Tracy Stokes on our research on marketing mix modeling/optimization and the shifting TV/video landscape. I’m pleased and excited to share with you that, moving forward, I will be an analyst on the CMO and marketing leadership team.

My first report as an analyst will look at gross ratings points (GRPs) as a viable standard from cross-platform marketing and delve into some of the ways we see the video and TV advertising marketplaces shifting.

For the remainder of the year, I will be working on our playbook on marketing mix optimization. If you are a senior marketer who is thinking about how to optimally allocate media budgets across the major channels, our upcoming playbook will help you strategically think about reaching your customers, organize the flow of marketing data into and out of your company, and be an agent of change to help your organization adopt data and customer-driven decision-making processes.

Future research will also dive into topics that include convergent video media planning, social TV, and second-screen advertising. Finally, at the start of next year I will lead the refresh of our Wave evaluation of the marketing mix modeling ecosystem. I am looking forward to getting to know many of you better and following the evolution of these exciting spaces.

Are you rethinking how to effectively plan video-based marketing campaigns across TV and video or empowering marketers to do so? Are you at any stage of adopting marketing mix modeling as a measurement tool to validate marketing investments and guide future decisions? If you answered yes to either of these or are a vendor/agency empowering marketers to do so, let's chat! Please engage with me via our Inquiry and/or Briefing teams, and I look forward to working with many of you.

Mike (@MichaelGlantz)