The buzz online this week is about quirky French kitchen brand Cuisinella for this video featuring "real people not actors" (the video says) being shot by a sniper, carted off in an ambulance, and forced in to a coffin, for it all to be revealed as a kitchen promotion.

Here on the IM team we're as baffled as anyone else. This couldn't possibly be real, could it? Or is the buzz supposed to be from the debate driven by the campaign? 

The past few years have seen brands escalating with content they hope will shock and, no doubt, go "viral." But this type of advertising is like the last death throes of interruption advertising, with brands trying to scream louder in a world where always addressable customers are now resistant to interruption or, in some cases, even trying to tune brands out.  

Le Figaro reports that the brand has now removed its video from YouTube channel after a barrage of criticism. But, of course, this is the Internet; the video has been lifted and posted to multiple video accounts and will live on for all time – no doubt in many interactive marketers' PowerPoint presentations.