The VMO is becoming more and more important for companies. As such, the demand to create a structure is prominent. To avoid pitfalls and get a jump-start on this, we at Forrester designed a workshop to help customers build a new or enhance an existing organization that deals with all issues of the sourcing life-cycle. Discussing the pressing need of a VMO due to market trends, establishing tools and techniques to master operational as well as strategic issues and turning this into value for the business are just a few topics that will be addressed during this workshop. Designed for practitioners, the workshop will allow participants to learn from best practices, get an inside view on Forrester's latest research and connect with peers facing the same challenges. The next workshop is planned for April 24 at Forrester's facilities in New York, NY. Details can be found here.

For those not able to attend this workshop, please let me know if you are interested in a similar workshop in a different location, especially for those located in Europe.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback.