The analytics community is experiencing a rebirth. A renewal. A renaissance. Why? Data is bursting from every corner, from every device, allowing brands to deliver relevant messages and offers to its customers. So, being an analytics connoisseur is important now more than ever. I mean, who else is going to play with all this data . . . and actually enjoy it?

Organizations must develop relevant marketing strategies across devices — to different customers — and have the advanced measurement and analytic frameworks to fuel decisions. And the perpetually connected customer is forcing organizations to act quickly, so near-real-time insights are paramount. My past research addresses this, specifically, how analytics professionals can use attribution as a way to understand the true value of each interaction point. This is even more complex because of the increase in cross-device usage.  As a result,analytic pros are using savvy ways to connect information and to measure cross-device impact and incremental value.

This is why I’m excited to share my research on cross-channel, cross-device measurement at the upcoming Forrester Forum For Marketing Leaders on April 18-19th in Los Angeles. The cross-measurement research is relevant to the forum theme of the perpetually connected customer. Customers are always connected. So organizations must measure their activity, their engagement, and their behavior to better serve them. During my session, Calculating True Impact Across Devices, I will share best practices in cross-device measurement through attribution and how to prepare your organization with this monumental measurement task.

Hope to see you in L.A.! Or for those of you based in Europe, join my colleagues in London at the Forreter Forum For Marketing Leaders EMEA, May 21-22.